Linoleum Flooring

linoleum flooring Linoleum Flooring
Linoleum Flooring



When you get tired of the linoleum flooring you have, you have various decorating options, such as painting the linoleum with a pattern or just a different color. By painting it, don’t have to get involved in removing your linoleum flooring. What a great environmental decision! Linoleum can be more expensive than other floorings such as vinyl, but the cost is worthwhile because of its durability. Because of its environmental attributes and longevity, it’s worth the effort of installing.

 Linoleum Flooring

Of course with any type of flooring, there are a few drawbacks that may cause people to think twice about buying linoleum flooring. The price may be a little too high for some people because it is more expensive than the average vinyl flooring. Installation is can be difficult, causing many people to hire a professional installer, adding to the cost.

0804flooring3 Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring, no matter where you place it in your home, is durable and can last for many decades. Linoleum is made from non-toxic and natural components. This means that at the end of its long and useful life, linoleum flooring is biodegradable. This type of flooring has many great features, like


* Affordability, compared to wood flooring
* Easy of maintenance and cleaning
* Durability
* Environmental “correctness”
* Color goes all the way through the material

And of course it has a few bad features too.

* Affordability, compared to vinyl
* Not a luxurious look
* Hard to install

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Linoleum Flooring


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